Thank you for your interest in our professionally managed investment  program.  Our company was established in 1987 and we operate on a personalized one-to-one basis with each client.

The objective of World Wide Fund Management (WWFM) is to offer investors an opportunity to achieve steady, long-term growth while  maintaining a moderate risk level.  Specifically, WWFM will manage your money on a discretionary basis by investing in no-load mutual funds in accordance with the buy and sell signals of our proprietary market service.  When not invested in mutual funds, monies will be deposited in appropriate money market funds.

I invite you to contact our office to begin enjoying the advantages of our wealth-building managed accounts program.

Emphasizes income and capital preservation by utilizing fixed-income bond and low-volatility stock dividend funds.


The portfolio's investments contain a combination of conservative and growth mutual funds.

For long-term, capital appreciation.  Contains medium volatility growth funds in a well diversified global portfolio.

DJB Financial Inc.
  World Wide Fund Management...Registered Investment Advisor

"The market can remain irrational
longer than you can
remain solvent."---Keynes